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Get paid by Payoneer
, 2013/01/29

Update as of April 28, 2020: Payments through Payoneer are not supported starting May 5, 2020. All the information below is outdated.


Cliparto can send payouts to your Payoneer card now! If you have a Payoneer debit card already, you can just link it up as a payment method in your account settings. If you have not applied for Payoneer card yet, we`re extremely excited to announce that Cliparto and Payoneer are now having a great promotion together!

Sign up now, and Payoneer will waive the one-time activation fee if you sign up within 30 days of this announcement.

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More functionality and usability
, 2013/01/11
We strive to make Cliparto most convenient for customers and keep introducing new options, allowing buyers to find exactly what they need. Last weeks we have implemented many new functionality, which we believe will help in attracting new clients and improving the quality of service for the regular customers.

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Cliparto's Referral Programs
, 2012/08/17
Add our referral links in your blog, personal website or a page on a social network and invite your friends and other people to Cliparto, while getting rewards! Start earning money right now.

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Last Updates at Cliparto
, 2012/06/13
Every day we are working on improving the functionality of the website and develop new options that should make Cliparto more convenient for customers and authors.

In recent weeks we have launched a lot of updates. Here are the most significant of them:
- Lists of photos with the same model or within the same session
- Automatic submission of files uploaded via FTP
- Improvements to the submission page
- Multi-language description of the images at submit
- The system of automatic queries API Query

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Cliparto's Statistics
, 2012/06/09
We are growing steadily each month on all indicators. We are glad to see the increase as for the total number of images on the site, both the number of downloads and the number of visitors. Thus, in May 2012 compared to April the number of downloads increases as +9.62%. Probably in the summer our growth will slower, but we look confidently to the future.

Of course, our figures are not comparable with the market leaders. But we could not have achieved even the current level without the trust of both the contributors and buyers.

We strive for more openness to our partners and launch the section with statistics for the previous calendar month. It is always possible to see now the actual numbers there.

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Introducing Serie of Images Sales and Updated Payout Schedule
, 2012/05/15
We are pleased to announce that we introduce a new option to buy photos and vector images on Cliparto. In addition to the purchase of images for "credits" or by subscription, we offer now also the purchase of entire series of images at once.

We are confident that the sale of series will be beneficial to both Cliparto`s buyers and contributors. Buyers can purchase at once a large number of images (from 10 to 180) by standard license within the loved series without having to download files separately. And that we think will help Cliparto`s artists to earn more money.

Our current subscription packages, image prices and their royalty rates will not be impacted by this change. At the same time we introduce new higher fees for the sale of series (from 50% to 60% depending on the contributor`s downloads level on Cliparto).

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How customers find images
, 2012/05/05
Half of the success of any image is how it is described. Wrong title and, in particular, set of keywords can "bury" any masterpiece deeply in the search results.

How buyers usually find an image? The absolute majority of downloaded images on Cliparto were found through search by keywords.

We just April 23, 2012 began to keep statistics on the online ways resulted in download. It`s too early to make a top rating of the most popular search keywords yet. But even such a short period (just two weeks) gives an opportunity for first very interesting conclusions.

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Data export to CSV files
, 2012/05/02
The more images in portfolio and the more the images sold, the more urgent becomes the maintenance of detailed statistics and analysis of downloads.

There is special statistics section at contributors` account at Cliparto, where contributor can view the results of each calendar month with summary of the portfolio size, its growth, the total number of downloads and downloads by different types.

Many photographers and illustrators have own methods to record and analyse their images and sales in photo agencies. We believe that our new option available at Cliparto will be useful to such record-keeping and analyse purposes. We enable now the opportunity to export data to CSV files for a certain period.

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Microstock experiment with a small port
, 2012/05/01
While at the end of 2010 it was decided to start work on the project Cliparto, we have created real accounts with nine others microstocks. We have loaded the same 108 vector illustrations (no photo!) to the all selected agencies. A little later (already in 2011) the same gallery has been created here at Cliparto.

These accounts were set up primarily to study the functionality of each selected photo agency. And it was not our goal to earn something here at all. Therefore, the number of downloaded files was so small (108 only), and the files themselves were not selected on the selling potential. As a result, got a small and (to be honest) very mediocre portfolio. And just half of the selected files was uploaded to Shutterstock.

Year or more we did nothing on these accounts - no new uploads or any change in the attribution of images. And now we can compare the results of this "benchmark" portfolio in 10 microstock agencies for over the year.

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Geography of Downloads
, 2012/04/22
At Cliparto all pages are so far only in three languages ​​- English, German and Russian. In the future we plan to expand this list, however now the geography of our users are not restricted to English-speaking countries and the local markets of Germany and Russia.

Although the proportion of buyers from the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia is still the "Benjamin`s mess" of all the downloads. But we are always glad to welcome users who lives in other countries and we research the opportunities these local markets provides.

Now Cliparto discloses the information to the contributors about the countries where each image was downloaded. We believe that this information will be at least interesting, and it might be a reason for a careful analysis for artists with a large number of images sold.

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