API Search Manual for developers

If you provide on-demand online service or just need a gallery with images for your products, we have simple and effective solution! Include our images to your galleries and attract more customers.

Example of an image gallery you can get:

Please note, you have to buy the image only when you actually need it. No fee for the usage of our images at your website through the API Search.

How it works?

You can just use <iframe> tag to include the link with list of the images to your page. Or pop-up window.

Generate the link for iframe or pop-up using the form below:

Simple form:


Form with all parameters:


allow to preview larger image
affiliate link with your affiliate ID (login) to the image page on Cliparto
download link (JPG + EPS for vectors)
show Image ID   vinyl-ready vector images only en">

Please note you can also search for a certain image by Image ID. Just use the Image ID as keyword.

Note: * - The heraldic images (flags and arms) from Vector-Images.com database are not included to the general search. The links go to http://vector-images.com

Example of HTML code with iframe:

<iframe src="https://cliparto.com/apis/?param[query]=abstract+background&param[type]=&param[cols]=4&param[imgnum]=12</iframe>

And how it looks on website:


Advanced Parameters for Developers

GET-parameterDescription and possible values
param[type]Type of images: photo, vector or heraldry; if blank it will show all the images except heraldry
param[query]Search keywords
param[page]Number of linked page with search results. Default: 1
param[sorting]How to sort images: rate (default), name or date
param[imgnum]Number of images per page: 1 - 50. Default: 25
param[cols]Number of images per row: 1 - 10. Default: 5
param[vinyl]0 - All the images (default). 1 - Vinyl-Ready images only
param[thmblarge]0 - No larger thumbnail (default). 1 - Allow to view larger thumbnail (watermarked); unavailable for heraldry
param[imgid]0 - No Image ID shown (default). 1 - Allow to view Image ID
param[aff]Affiliate ID (login). If blank no link from thumbnail image
param[dlink]0 - No download links (default). 1 - Direct download link
param[lng]Language: en (default), es, de, ru
param[thmbsize]Thumbnail size (px): 75 - 150. Default: 100
param[set]Internal area code (heraldry only; e.g. 119 for the United States; accordingly to Vector-Images.com)
param[css]URL to the external CSS file (e.g., http://domain/style.css)
param[custom]Custom selection of the images: 0 - No custom selection (default). 1 - The images stored at LightBox only (accordingly for affiliate login = param[aff]). The parameter replaces param[query] (but except param[type]=heraldry, where param[query] remains).

XML-tagXML-parameterDescription and possible values
totalimgtotalNumber of images found
imgpageCurrent page
pagestotalNumber of the pages total
itemidUnique Image ID
srclinkURL to the image page on Cliparto
imgtitleImage title
jpglinkDirect download link to JPG file
epslinkDirect download link to EPS file
thmbsrcLink to the small thumbnail
priceDownload price (USD)
setInternal area code (heraldry only)
thmblargesrcLink to the larger thumbnail (clipart only)


Direct Download GET Request

Example of Direct Download GET Request:

  • ImageID - unique Id of the image at Cliparto;
  • FileFormat - jpg (for all images) or additional file format (eps, cdr or svg for vector images or png if available);
  • ImageSize - optional; from 1 to 5 (1=S to 5=XXL), jpg file only. If blank - largest image size available;
  • Login - user's login at Cliparto
  • UserID, APIKey - User ID and API Key. You can find these parameters at your account settings;
  • MD5 - MD5 hash for all the parameters above except Login:

    The request returns the file requested or error page. The download cost is to charge from user's account.

    The license type is standard by default. If you wish to submit request to download the image by the Extended license you can just add GET parameter &license=ext to your GET request.

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