Microstock experiment with a small port
, 2012/05/01
While at the end of 2010 it was decided to start work on the project Cliparto, we have created real accounts with nine others microstocks. We have loaded the same 108 vector illustrations (no photo!) to the all selected agencies. A little later (already in 2011) the same gallery has been created here at Cliparto.

These accounts were set up primarily to study the functionality of each selected photo agency. And it was not our goal to earn something here at all. Therefore, the number of downloaded files was so small (108 only), and the files themselves were not selected on the selling potential. As a result, got a small and (to be honest) very mediocre portfolio. And just half of the selected files was uploaded to Shutterstock.

Year or more we did nothing on these accounts - no new uploads or any change in the attribution of images. And now we can compare the results of this "benchmark" portfolio in 10 microstock agencies for over the year.

Of course, the experiment was not "pure". And the number of files is too small, and the timing is not quite the same, and the number of vectors in the gallery at Shutterstock less than half, and we have uploaded vector images only, and themes of the images are somewhat specific, and many other "but" exist. Nevertheless, all the numbers are real.

Now we can complicate the task and increase the size of the test gallery by several times to compare the results again in a year.
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