Geography of Downloads
, 2012/04/22
At Cliparto all pages are so far only in three languages ​​- English, German and Russian. In the future we plan to expand this list, however now the geography of our users are not restricted to English-speaking countries and the local markets of Germany and Russia.

Although the proportion of buyers from the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia is still the "Benjamin`s mess" of all the downloads. But we are always glad to welcome users who lives in other countries and we research the opportunities these local markets provides.

Now Cliparto discloses the information to the contributors about the countries where each image was downloaded. We believe that this information will be at least interesting, and it might be a reason for a careful analysis for artists with a large number of images sold.

To see your statistics of downloads by country, you need only go to your account and open the list of your sales. The summary statistics for all time is available in the Monthly reports.

Statistics of downloads by country, April 2012

This post launches also our blog where we will publish news and reports on significant innovations and developments in the Cliparto`s life and activity. We welcome any suggestions and ideas for further development of the project.
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