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How to Buy Images on Cliparto?
It's very easy to buy images at Cliparto! There are just 3 simple steps:

Create a free account: it only takes a few minutes.
Already registered? Then you just to log in.
Add money to your account or subscribe for 1 year
You can choose to pay for each image, or subscribe for 1 year with the possibility of downloading any 20, 100 or 500 images. We accept credit cards, PayPal and other payment methods.
Download images you like!
Choose the image, the size or vector format, and just click "buy / download" button on the page of the image. Then you need just to save the file. Now you can use the image for your project!
Do I have to register to use Cliparto services?
You don't have to register to search and view images, to view other general public pages or download free images. But only registered members can purchase and upload images or use Online Help. Registration is free and takes a few minutes.
How can I pay for images? (What payment methods do you accept?)
We accept orders by credit cards, PayPal and by local payment methods. Please see more at Add Money section.
How can I use the purchased images?
We have very flexible terms for Licenses that cover almost all creative needs in photos and vectors. Please review the comparison of the terms that are valid for the Standard or Extended License.
Is there a charge for registering an account (as a contributor or buyer)?
No, registration is free. We charge for the purchases of images only.
How much do the images cost at Cliparto?
Our prices start from $0.95 for single downloads or from $0.20 for downloads by subscription. You can find the price information for each image on its page. Just select size or vector format and click "buy / download". Please see also the information about our subscription rates.
Which way - pay per image or subscription - is most suitable for buying images?
Please just review the following comparison chart.
What is the difference from Pay-per-Image purchase and purchase by subscription?
Pay-per-Image purchase: you can just add any amount to your account at Cliparto and spent it for single downloads at any time. Prices for single image start from $0.95.

Subscription: you pay one-time subscription fee for 20, 100 or 500 images and can download any 20/100/500 images during an year - you do not need just to pay for each image each time you need to purchase it. This option allows you also to save. Our subscription plans start from $21.95 or from $0.20 per image.
Do I need to register, even if I just want to buy the only image?
Yes, we do require all customers to register, but the registration process is very fast and simple and takes a few minutes.
What license options do you offer?
All our images are Royalty-Free, that means you pay a one-time fee for their use. No surcharge for area usage or number of copies. We offer two types of license: Standard License for most uses and Extended License for commercial use. Please see the Comparison of License Terms.
How do I download images?
You need an amount on your account at Cliparto or an active subscription to download the images. The download option is available on the page of each image. Free images do not require an amount on account or active subscription.
Should I pay each time for each download, if I have downloaded this image once before already?
No, you should pay for each image and purchased size only once. If you have purchased the image already, you can download it with the same or lower size multiple times without additional surcharge for one year. If you purchase vector format you can also download any available image size or format free of charge.
The file I downloaded is corrupt, or I cannot open it with my software program!
First you could try downloading the file again. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our Customer Service. We will respond to your problem as soon as possible, but within one business day.
Can I get images delivered on a CD?
No, unfortunately we do not provide that option at this time.
Can I download and use a preview image for my design drafts?
Yes, you can use our watermarked preview images for comping purposes free of charge.
If I purchase the image, will the original file contain watermarks?
No, only the preview images have watermarks.
In what colour mode are your photos saved?
All our photos (JPEG files) are in RGB colour mode.
Why are some images not available in the larger sizes?
We offer images only with the highest possible original size. We do not scale the image to a size that is larger than the original resolution of the image.
What is Lightbox?
A lightbox is a place where you can store images that you are interested in. Like a shopping list. Once you have placed the image in your Lightbox you do not need to search for it again.
Can I crop or edit purchased images?
Yes. As long as you do not re-sell or redistribute the image or resulting image.
Can I resell or redistribute your images?
No, the resale and/or redistribution of our images is strictly prohibited.
Do the subscriptions automatically renew?
No, we do not renew subscriptions automatically. However you can renew your subscription at any time.
How do I choose the most appropriate image size?
Image size (in pixels) depends on how the image will be used. Each technology has its own requirements for graphics files. Please see our comparative table of the size of images, where you can determine which image size is suitable for your current task.
Does Cliparto have an Affiliate Program?
Yes, you can refer customers to Cliparto and, please see the terms of the Affiliate Program on There is also a separate affiliate program to attract contributors to Cliparto.
You can also use our web banners.
How can I get a refund?
If you’ve purchased an image or subscription and decided to change your mind, a refund can be issued, with the following stipulations:
- You can request for your refund within 3 business days of your purchase.
- You must not have downloaded more than 3 content.
- You must delete all downloaded content and not use them in any way.
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