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How to Sell Images with Cliparto?
To start selling images at Cliparto, you need just to follow 3 simple steps:

Create a free account: it takes a few minutes only.
Have already registered? Then you need just to log in.
Submit the Artist Application Form
There is no exam with a tons of sample images required. And you can immediately upload your images.
Upload images
Describe and keyword your images, add model release if needed. And get from 40% of every sale of your artwork.
Who can submit images to Cliparto?
There is only one formal restriction for a possible contributor - you have to be at least 18 years old. However we do accept only high quality images. And certainly you must own the copyright for all the images submitted.
Can I also sell uploaded images through another photo agency?
We accept the images on a non-exclusive basis. This means that you may sell images through another photo agency or online photobank. You retain the copyright of your own images and may continue using and selling them as you wish.
How can my images be used by buyers?
Everyone who buys images on Cliparto must read and agree to our Terms of Licenses.
How much money do I get when my image is sold?
You get 40%-50% of the sale price and $0.25-$0.30 if the image was sold by subscription. Please see our payout schedule.
How and when can I be paid?
You can request your payout by PayPal, MoneyBookers, Payoneer or WebMoney, when your earning reaches at least $50 and when a 30 day period has passed since the first earning took place. Please see the Payoneer fees.
How many images can I submit at a time?
Our current standard weekly limit is 250 mages that may be sent for approval. However, you can upload all your images or as many of your images as you wish at once and then little by little send them for approval as your weekly limit allows. If your portfolio contains a lot of high quality images, your upload limit may be lifted.
I have just uploaded my images, but I can't find them in the Cliparto search results!
All the images are required to go through our evaluation process before they appear in our catalogue. When you have uploaded your files, you need to describe the images and submit them for review. Depending on the volumes of images being submitted to Cliparto globally, the review process can take from several days to several weeks.
How quickly do uploaded files appear in the list of my images?
There is at least a three minute delay before the files will go to processing. The total processing time depends on the total number of images in the Upload-Queue on Cliparto. It may take from several minutes to several hours before your images appear in your account.
Can I upload the files by FTP?
Yes, we provide an FTP account upon request. You can request an FTP account if you plan to upload a lot of images at once (over 500 images).
How do I know if an image has been rejected?
We will send you a notification by e-mail to let you know when your images have been reviewed and if an image was rejected. The images that are accepted will be added to your portfolio without a notification. Rejected images will be also listed under the "Rejected" section of your account. We only keep a record about a rejected image, the original JPG and/or vector files are removed immediately. We cannot restore the rejected image, however you can resubmit it with a comment if you believe the image was rejected by mistake.
How long does it normally take from the time I submit images until they are available to buy?
The evaluation process time depends on the total number of images submitted for review and ranges from a few hours to several days.
What is a redundant keyword?
Redundant keyword - an unnecessary keyword which has no own content value (like: and, or, as, which, for, vector, photo... Such keywords are removed upon submitting an image.
Do you require a Model or Property Release?
Yes, we require releases if they are actually needed.

If your photo includes recognizable persons or the property of others such as houses or private buildings (interiors or exteriors), we require you to include a signed Model or Property Release form with your photo. This is to confirm that the photo can be used commercially and published. There is an option to attach a release during the upload process. If you do not upload a release with the related images, the image will be rejected.
What minimal image size do you accept?
We accept JPG files with minimum resolution of 2 MP (1600 x 1200 px). Please note that we do not accept interpolated images, so only submit your images at their original resolution.
Can scanned pictures be uploaded?
Yes, you can upload scanned or vectorized images based on illustrations in old books published prior to 1923 as well, if they match our image requirements. If you upload an image based on an illustration from old book, you have to provide the information on the image source in the description.
I cannot believe that my excellent image was rejected!
Our inspectors reject an image only if it actually does not meet our requirements. If you do not agree with the decision of the inspector, you can upload the image again. In this case, please write in the comment field the reasons why the image should be approved or how the inspector made a mistake.
I have uploaded the files by FTP, but they didn't appear in my list of images
We process the files uploaded by FTP once a half hour. However you can also visit the page Upload Images and press the special button located under the FTP tab to process the files.
How can I remove an accepted image?
If you wish to remove some of your images please contact us at Accepted images will be removed within 30 days. If you have a critical need for quicker removal we will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner.
Please understand that, once an image is added to our database, we'd prefer to remove it only under exceptional circumstances.
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