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  • ID 6621339
Bakery shop poster with frame of bread and sweet pastry. Loaf of wheat and rye bread, croissant and baguette, bun, roll and cake, cupcake, pie and toast sketch with cereal ear and baker hat in center - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6579046
Pastry shop, confectionery. Sweet dessert. Cake, cupcake. 3d realistic vector - © Nataliia Natykach
  • ID 6357979
Fresh bread and pastries in flat style. Various assortment of bakery. Isolated icons set. Illustration of bun, croissant, pie, cake, loaf and french baguette - © fasjaka
  • ID 3209770
Vector illustration of Piece of pie - © larser
  • ID 5459426
Set with different pastry. Different taste and color - © Anna Tyukhmeneva
  • ID 6976507
Bakery shop bread, sweet desserts and cafeteria pastry cakes frame. Baker shop birthday cakes, cream pies and jam rolls, wheat baguettes and rye bread loaf, croissant, flour bag and rolling pin - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 5451198
Fresh juicy sweet pastries donuts on a dark background - © Maria Cherevan
  • ID 5904499
Pastry sweets collection on old paper background. Sketch set. Hand drawn vector illustration - © Nata Alhontess
  • ID 6043929
seamless pattern with pastries cream and cakes - © AlexandraFenec
  • ID 6418559
Bakery set of seamless patterns with pastry such as donuts and cupcakes with backgrounds of different colors. Handmade cartoon style - © alexanderandariadna
  • ID 6507659
painted in a vector sweet pastry with cream and cherry cream on an embroidered napkin in a frame of brightly colored marigold flowers, on a white background - © Anna Lugova
  • ID 6553869
Coffee and pastry shop, confectionery vector background - © Nataliia Natykach
  • ID 6621698
Fresh bread and pastry sketch banner for bakery shop template. Loaf of wheat and rye bread, sweet bun and cake, croissant, baguette and cupcake, cookie, bagel and toast frame with cereal and flour bag - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6625508
Baker at work cartoon icon set for bakery, pizzeria and pastry shop design. Baker in white hat making bread, pizza chef take out pizza from stove, pastry chef standing in front of restaurant with menu - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6626769
Bakery or patisserie poster of bread and sweet desserts. Vector bun, rye bread loaf and cake with chocolate donut, jam roll and cheesecake with pretzel and baguette or croissant - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6653588
Happy Birthday card representing a funny pastry chef. Vector cartoon funny illustration - © ddraw
  • ID 6813679
The seller in the pastry shop proudly demonstrates the goods. In the room showcases with cakes - © Vellas
  • ID 6887499
Seamless pattern with fresh pastries on black background. Baked products in cartoon style - © kiyanochka
  • ID 6927738
Buns with meat sprinkled with sesame seeds and other pastries on a plate - © qiiip
  • ID 6928519
Daily bakery, fresh bread, buns and cakes, lettering on napkin, ears of wheat. Vector pastry food, sweet desserts. Toast bread, donut, pie and cupcake with cherry, bagel and muffin, fruit pie - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6943309
Bakery shop bread, sweet patisserie cookies and pastry desserts. Vector traditional bakery food, wheat bread bagels, croissant and baguette, sweet cakes, chocolate donut and gingerbread cookie - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6949928
Bakery shop pastry desserts, bread and patisserie cookies poster. Vector premium baked food products, sweet cakes, croissants, wheat bagel and rye loaf, buns, chocolate donuts and cupcakes - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6954349
Muffin or cupcake, isolated pastry food sketch. Vector baked muffin, cake bun bakery with buttercream - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6955549
Sweet green macaroon isolated confectionery snack. Vector pastry food cake, french dessert - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6959308
Bakery shop and baked bread, desserts and pastry sweet cookies. Vector baker man in chef hat at kitchen oven cooking patisserie cakes, croissants, wheat flour bag and rye dough - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6961249
Wheat bread and pastries vector frame of bakery shop. Bread loaves, croissant and bagels, baguette, donut, pretzel and pie, flour bag with wooden scoop and baker hat, challah and pancakes - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6961349
Baker with bread, pastries and sweets, bakery shop vector poster. Chef kneading dough on table. Croissant and bread, baguette and cookies, sandwich toast, donut and buns, pretzel, challah and roll - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6973858
Bakery shop bread and pastries banners of wheat food vector design. French baguette and croissant, rye loaf and toast, cake, cupcake and donut, bagel, cereal buns and cookie, pie and bavarian pretzel - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6976439
Baker with bread and bakery shop food. Vector pastry chef, white hat and loaves of wheat bread, baguette, croissant and toasts, bagel, donut, cookie and sweet buns, pretzel, pie, cheese tart and roll - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6997269
Pair of bagels isolated sketch of bakery food. Vector pastry snacks dense ring shape bread - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6997299
Cupcake isolated hand drawn sketch. Vector pastry food of dough, baked chocolate muffin - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6997309
Round brown bread bun isolated hand drawn sketch. Vector rye loaf, baked pastry food - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7033049
Bakery and bread products sketch vector banners. Bakery shop whole wheat and rye bread, sweet pastry and dessert bun, panettone with icing, pretzel and croissant, braided challah, wheat loaf - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7033638
Bread, pastry, desserts and rolling pin, bakery shop vector poster. Pies or bagels and buns, donut, croissant and baguette, gingerbread, pancakes and cupcake. Baking production, baker store desserts - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7039328
Bakery, bread or pastry desserts cafe. Vector sweet baked food cake, pie and pancakes with croissant, bread loaf, flour sack and cupcake. Buns and patisserie assortment for bake shop cartoon poster - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7043179
Swiss food cuisine, vector meals. Bread cake, pearl barley and cheese soup, veal rolls, duck with oranges. Gingerbread lekerli and beef wellington dishes and pastry dessert round frame - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7046069
Bread, pastry and bakery shop products sketch vectors. Rye and wheat bread with cheese, brioche loaf and jewish challah, german pretzel, french croissant and baguette, sweet bun with icing - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7050158
Muffin rusty metal plate, bakery cakes and pastry cupcakes menu, vector vintage grunge poster. Pastry cakes and bakery shop confectionery sweets, muffin cake, rust metal plate, price sign - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7051739
Sweets, desserts and patisserie. Bakery shop vector pastry cake, waffles and croissants, buns and donuts, cupcakes, pudding and marshmallow, bagel and roll with jam. Cartoon baked food - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7055549
Pastry shop chocolate cupcake rusty metal vector plate. Patty cupcake with chocolate icing and cocoa cream. Cafe dessert, confectionery product retro banner, price sign with rust texture, typography - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7061819
Bakery bread, pastry and flour bag. Burlap sack with wheat flour and wooden scoop, wheat and rye bread, croissant, pretzel and sweet bun, bagel with cottage cheese. Bakery shop vector banner or poster - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7061889
Cakes desserts, bakery bread and sweet pastry, vector banners. Bakery shop chocolate cakes and bread food, patisserie cheesecake, tiramisu and brownie, croissant, baguette and pancakes with waffles - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7076639
Bakery shop desserts, cakes and pastry vector banners. Baker woman presenting bake house assortment bread, cake, bagels and buns, croissant and baguette, pretzel and cupcake, macaroon and meringues - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7081829
Cakes, sweet pastry and desserts, vector bakery and patisserie production. Confectionery hand decorated cake or cupcake with strawberry, cream and topping daily fresh sweets, cartoon promo poster - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7081869
Bakery, bread and pastry shop vector set with bakers and sweet food. Man and woman pastry chef cartoon characters with cake, baguette, croissant and cupcake, cereal toast, bun, donut and pretzel - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 7084729
Happy Birthday Pastry chef man with cake. Pop art retro illustration kitsch vintage 50s 60s style - © studiostoks
  • ID 6621732
Bakery and pastry shop chalkboard banner set with bread and bun chalk sketch. Rye bread, wheat baguette and croissant, sweet bun, raisin cupcake and toast, chocolate roll, cake, cookie and bagel - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 6947855
Pastry shop banner, delicious cupcakes and sweet pies. Vector round frame of cheesecakes, patisserie desserts and confectionery food. Biscuits and cakes, homemade bakery, holiday birthday cookings - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 5392696
Set of pastry isolated on white background - © Anna Tyukhmeneva
  • ID 5451196
Fresh juicy sweet pastries donuts on a dark background - © Maria Cherevan
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