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  • ID 7102248
Colleagues discussing work, portrait view of men characters holding paper report, managers brainstorming, business cooperation, conference element vector - © robuart
  • ID 7103109
Office workers. Colleagues communicating. Executive guy talking with man sitting at table using computer. Business people discuss a new project or startup working together. Window with city buildings - © robuart
  • ID 7111968
Office workers. Colleagues communicating. Woman with laptop talking, discussing new project, plan, startup with colleagues, partners. Mix race people planning strategy, teamwork, brainstorming time - © robuart
  • ID 7138568
People at business meeting. Colleagues discuss company statistics and work vector illustration. Employees at meeting discussing company affairs. Girl is standing with clipboard in her hands - © robuart
  • ID 7147388
Online form survey on tablet. Colleagues check blank. Women discussing answer sheet. People look at quiz exam paper document. Businesswomen checking correctness of questionnaire and discussing - © robuart
  • ID 7163438
People analyzing data together. Colleagues discuss at business meeting. Female characters communicate isolated on white background. Women at meeting discussing work. Office workers have conversation - © robuart
  • ID 7204228
Colleagues discussing financial chart analytics. Employees brainstorming statistical diagram graphs on screen. Presentation of business strategy concept. People discussing data shown on monitor - © robuart
  • ID 7252838
People sitting at desk and talking, communication and chat bubbles over head isolated color line icon. Vector team meeting, busy coworkers talking, time management and collaboration, conference - © Vector Tadition
  • ID 3088393
man and woman discussing project - © Rudchenko
  • ID 5716607
Brainstorming creative team idea discussion people flat infographic concept vector. Teamwork brainstorm staff around table and laptop chief art director brainstorm team designer programmer - © Vector-Stock
  • ID 6642919
Vector cartoon style illustration of man and woman with speech bubbles. Discussing news. People in different poses mailing and sending messages to each other - © Skathi
  • ID 7049669
Concept layout on business conference call. Online meeting or discussion using web applications. Businessman chatting with colleagues using computer,Cartoon vector illustration - © Naumov Aleksei
  • ID 7105716
Businesspeople talking and working together in office. Staff communicating concept. Business partners meeting, discuss the project on paper. Brainstorming process, team businessman deliberating - © robuart
  • ID 7111956
Workers man and woman working with laptop and discussing, workplace and employee, partnership. Vector tables and computers, teamwork brokers cooperation - © robuart
  • ID 7113297
Office workers discussing matters. Businessman dressed in formal clothes with laptop talking. Business meeting and consideration of working issues at workspace. Woman talking to a man colleague - © robuart
  • ID 7117536
Business person and discussion, poster with man and woman, laptop and contemporary technologies vector illustration, isolated on white background - © robuart
  • ID 7121356
Businesspeople communicating, discuss a project, brainstorm together. Happy partners at business meeting, working process. Group of colleagues sitting at a table, talking about conclusion of contract - © robuart
  • ID 7122106
Office workers discussing matters. Businessmen dressed in formal clothes with laptop talking. Business meeting and consideration of working issues at workspace. Woman talking to a man colleague - © robuart
  • ID 7124146
Set of women discussing business plan, business ladies speaking about startup project isolated on white background. Management and teamwork concept - © robuart
  • ID 7126776
Office life, workers discussing project, startup, working with laptop, business meeting, conference, colleagues at work, people discuss work moments, analysing, professional employees build strategic - © robuart
  • ID 7133629
Man showing diagrams on board to his partner. Growth arrow and bar chart on table. People standing near colorful screen presentation of marketing project. Colleagues discuss statistical indicators - © robuart
  • ID 7138947
Business meeting working process. Office workers standing and sitting near big screen with laptop. Business people man and woman talking communicating, discuss presentation graph, teamwork of analysts - © robuart
  • ID 7138957
People discuss questionnaire. Colleagues in business suit looking at survey and communicating. Girl talking on phone. Man stands with sheet of paper and talks. Employees look at quiz exam document - © robuart
  • ID 7215626
Idea symbol in form of lightbulb. Colleagues communicate and discuss startup during meeting in office. Businesspeople are planning business idea. Planning startup, lightbulb as symbol of new project - © robuart
  • ID 6694867
two elderly women discuss. Pop art retro vector illustration vintage kitsch - © studiostoks
  • ID 6783668
Business training with coworkers sitting on chairs, people at conference discussing issues. Women holding tablet and talking to listeners vector web design. Website or webpage, landing page in flat - © robuart
  • ID 6785678
Teamwork, meeting and business plan discussion vector. Woman showing presentation and workers at laptops, cooperation and meeting, strategy development - © robuart
  • ID 6786748
Infocharts and infographics vector. Business meeting seminar of colleagues with laptops discussing flowcharts and results of projects, conference - © robuart
  • ID 6869089
US China trade relations. People working with chinese products, relation of countries. Teamwork of managers making decisions, partnership analysis of info board presentation. Business of USA and China - © robuart
  • ID 6876468
Business training, man and woman cooperation, statistic presentation, workers discussion of chart report, people congress, brainstorming vector. Website or app slider, landing page flat style - © robuart
  • ID 6897298
Group of three businessmen discussing strategy and setting corporate goals. Office meeting and collaboration between male colleagues, teamwork vector. Modern office with big windows - © robuart
  • ID 6923809
Man and woman discussing job, people sitting at table, cups and plant. Teamwork strategy, colleagues side view cooperation together, workplace. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style - © robuart
  • ID 6943669
People working task, man and woman holding papers or documents, male sitting at desktop, portrait view of workers, making report in office vector. Website or webpage template, landing page flat style - © robuart
  • ID 6947969
Workers man and woman holding papers, success teamwork, growth graph. Smiling workers discussing, portrait view of colleagues, rising arrow vector - © robuart
  • ID 6977288
Professional consultation, broker collaboration. Workers man and woman working with laptop and discussing, workplace and employee, partnership vector - © robuart
  • ID 7016719
Man and woman workers discussing map with locations. People cooperation, international business, employees communication with computer, world vector - © robuart
  • ID 7019028
Man and woman discussing work, presenter showing graph report. Man presenting board with chart, people communication with laptop, company investment vector - © robuart
  • ID 7038998
Man and woman employees cooperating and discussing business graph report on workplace. Worker female standing near virtual board and pointig at statistics diagrams and charts. People teamwork strategy - © robuart
  • ID 7052388
Two businesswomen talking lean at table. Young girl with digital tablet listening colleague with folder. Pretty women discussing work moments. Businesslady show presentation at digital board - © robuart
  • ID 7066038
Consulting man and woman discussing business issues. Vector brokers and hucksters, stockbrokers or bill-brokers isolated. Collaboration of colleagues - © robuart
  • ID 7070128
Businesspeople argue, discuss a project. Business meeting, working process. Man manager consulting, talking to boss about conclusion of new contract. Businessman chief sitting at a table typing laptop - © robuart
  • ID 7082279
Businesspeople discussing presentation, strategy, plan, startup, project looking at screen of laptop, two men colleagues talking about work moments, businessmen discuss successful deal or agreement - © robuart
  • ID 7082848
Office workers characters discussing indicators. Business people man and woman talking communication, discuss presentation graphs and charts. Business meeting and consideration of working issues - © robuart
  • ID 7085159
Man and woman discussing work strategy, full length view of standing employees characters. Business collaboration, workers communicate, partnership vector - © robuart
  • ID 7085809
Business meeting, presentation with chart, teamwork. Employees, discussion and brainstorming, office colleagues at conference vector illustration - © robuart
  • ID 7089598
Office meeting businesswomen discussing indicators. Woman makes a presentation to colleagues. Business people talking communication, discuss presentation graphs and charts count data on calculator - © robuart
  • ID 7096739
Businesspeople communicating, discuss a project. Business meeting, working process. Man manager consulting sitting at a table with laptop in office space, talking to boss about conclusion of contract - © robuart
  • ID 7097448
Office workers characters discussing matters, statistics chart. Businessman and colleague sitting at office desk with laptop talking communicating. Business meeting and consideration of working issues - © robuart
  • ID 7102964
Office meeting business people man and woman discussing indicators. Woman makes a presentation to colleague. Businessmen siting at a table talking communication, discuss presentation graphs and charts - © robuart
  • ID 7103145
Office workers man and woman meeting, discussing matters in room interior modern loft style. Business people dressed in formal clothes are talking, communicating. Employee is talking with chef - © robuart
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