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IMPORTANT: We do not accept new submissions at the moment.


Please also thoroughly read our Seller Tutorial for requirements for our contributors and the images we accept.

Main Guidelines for Contributors and Images

Legal Requirements and Copyright:
- You must be at least 18 years old;
- You must be the author of all the photos and illustrations you upload;
- You must own all the rights or have authorization concerning the elements displayed in your images (products, people, places, etc);
- You cannot upload the images based on a photo or an illustration which you have not created;
- If your image includes recognizable people, you must upload model releases for each person displayed*;
- If your image shows the interior of a private building or other private property, you must upload property release signed by the owner of this property*;
- You cannot upload images that contains logos or trademarks protected*.
* The newsworthy images for Editorial Use Only do not require model or property releases and have no trademark restrictions.
Any violation related to the legal requirements or Copyright issues may result in immediate account closing.

High Quality Images Only!:
We accept only:
- photos and raster illustrations in JPEG RGB format that not be less than 1600 x 1200 pixels (2MP);
- vector graphics saved in EPS 8 format or older (you can upload EPS 10 files, however we recommend to save the files as EPS 8 to maximaze compability of images to different software programs); also we accept files saved in CorelDraw (CDR 9-12) file format.
We do not accept photos or raster illustrations, that:
- contain any kind of technical or content imperfections (out of focus or wrong focus; artifacts; noises; chromatic aberrations; lens flares; lifeless, faded or too bright colors; no subject; poorly executed or unisolated objects; underexposed, over-sharpened or over-filtering photos; boring photos; photos with "dirty" objects; framed photos; with incorrect orientation; etc).
We do not accept vector graphics, that:
- are traced by software programs like Corel Trace or Adobe Live Trace; contain bitmaps, too many unnecessary nodes, unnecessary objects, inactive layers or effects, open paths.
Also we do not accept:
- too simple images that everybody can create themselves in a couple of minutes;
- a lot of similar images from one serie;
- images of plain flags or official insignia;
- pornographic, obscene, or otherwise unsuitable or unlawful images.

Titles, Descriptions and Keywords
Our search engine indexes words in title and keywords and analyses them to provide our customers most relevant images.
That's very important to describe the images accurately with the words which actually represent your artwork in the best way.
We do not allow spamdexing. If you will often use irrelevant titles, descriptions and keywords for your images, your Artist account will be closed and all the images will be rejected.


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