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Take a look to the unique and original stock images created and offered by contributor Oleg Lytvynenko

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  • ID 6845329
Little unicorn with a multi-colored mane and tail on white - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 4715075
Cartoon princess frog with heart and flowers in their hands. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 4714558
Frog in a pink dress with flowers, balloons and cake in her hands. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6194918
Silhouettes of mountain peaks on a white background. Mountain landscape - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6176309
Two green frog with balloons. Frogs and two red balloons in the form of heart - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6129315
Colorful beautiful cock on a white background. Rooster. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6560225
Small green dinosaur who just hatched from the egg - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 5855508
Silhouette Fuji mountain at sunset. Landscape, Mount Fuji - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6715696
Santa Claus, deer and piglet with Christmas decorations in a winter forest. On the eve of Christmas - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 5218538
Red dragon on a white background. Flying dragon. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6745428
Rider on a horse in the desert, against the background of cacti and sunsets. Sunset in the stony desert. Silhouette rider on a horse , silhouettes stones, cacti and plants. Desert landscape with cacti. The stony desert - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7001219
Joyful little children on a walk. Cheerful, smiling children play various games. Group of happy, smiling children - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6560958
Silhouette Fuji mountain at sunset. Landscape, Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji on a pink background - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 4805188
Two lovers penguin with balloons in the form of hearts. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6667249
Santa Claus, deer Rudolph and snowman in the winter forest. Merry Santa Claus, deer and snowman are happy on Christmas night. The Joy of Christmas - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6749059
Silhouette Fuji mountain at sunrise. Fuji against the red sky and the rising sun. Landscape, Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji on a red background - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6665349
Santa and a deer in the background of a snow-covered village. Santa and a deer with red noses on a winter night against the backdrop of the village, the trees and snow - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6717979
Santa and deer on background village and winter forest. Santa Claus on his sleigh, harnessed by deer. Santa Claus with gifts on his sleigh - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 5880469
A group of children on the background of the school board greeting. Cartoon children schoolchildren - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 5164159
Silhouettes of wild animals of the African savannah. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7026838
Sunset in the Mexican desert. Sun and clouds. Silhouettes of stones, cacti and plants. Evening landscape with cacti. Stony desert - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6920488
Wild birds of the African savannah against the sky and the sun. Silhouettes of different birds. Wildlife of Africa. Sunset in the savannah - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6992899
Camel caravan follows in the desert against the backdrop of a sunny sunset. The pyramids. Sand desert - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6926859
Camel riders in the sand desert. Caravan on the background of the night starry sky. Sandy desert, landscape. Stars, the moon - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 4687379
Little girl Christmas angel flying in the night sky over the city and trees, among snowflakes and asterisks. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 5947109
Christmas candy and a red bow-knot on a white background - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6688988
Garland of bright glowing christmas lights. Seamless border from a garland of bulbs - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6737208
City street in the winter Christmas night. Santa and deer happily greet Christmas. Christmas tree. Houses covered with snow. Winter night on Christmas Eve - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6515786
Silhouette of a couple of enamored man and woman. A man and a woman next to a tree with red hearts. A flying island, a tree with hearts, a guy and a girl - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7262998
Little angel on a cloud against the background of stars. The baby angel holds his hands for prayer. Angel with curls, wings and a halo - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6879009
The little mermaid underwater among sea creatures and underwater plants - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7220358
Silhouettes of elephants on the background of the sunset. Elephants on the background of sunset by the lake - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7220359
Silhouettes of giraffes on the background of the sunset. Giraffes on the background of sunset by the lake - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6444629
Greeting card with dog. A yellow dog greets with winter holidays - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6656119
A little witch flies on a broom. Witch with a broom on a white background - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 5931078
Cartoon halloween pumpkins and scarecrow. Halloween night - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6818724
Small green dinosaur who just hatched from the egg. Cute dinosaur-baby in sunglasses - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6794987
Two penguins with heart shaped balloons. Penguins on a white background - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6880889
Little joyful girl sits astride a red dragon. Girl and flying dragon - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6929809
Winter rural landscape. Christmas Eve Night. Mountain village. Snow, forest, mountains. Shining stars and snowflakes in the night sky. Santa on a sleigh against the background of the moon. Christmas winter night scene - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 3576737
The illustration depicts the silhouettes of derricks for the extraction of oil from the bowels of the earth. - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6409416
Cartoon parrot pirate with hat on head on white background. Parrot in a hat and with a gun behind his belt - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6921818
Cartoon pink castle and a snowman on a background of a winter snowy forest. Winter landscape with a pink castle - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7031559
Samurai stands with a sword in his hands against the backdrop of a sunny sunset. Japanese landscape - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6714688
Santa Claus and a reindeer in the winter forest with gifts for Christmas - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6944939
Santa on a sleigh with deers welcomes. Snowman in a hat welcomes. Christmas tree. Star in the sky. Snowy forest. Santa and snowman on the background of fir trees and snowflakes - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6933278
Cheerful Santa Claus descends from a hill on a sled. Santa, deer and snowman have fun descending from a snow slide. Winter night - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 7084039
Santa on his sleigh with reindeer in front of a village house. Night. The sky with stars. Snowflakes, snow - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6932769
Santa, snowman and deer in the winter forest. Santa with a Christmas bell. Santa, snowman and deer celebrate Christmas. Christmas decorations in the snow. Christmas night. Winter landscape, forest, snow, snowflakes - © Oleg Lytvynenko
  • ID 6842988
Silhouettes of wild animals of the African savanna - © Oleg Lytvynenko
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