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  • ID 4151747
Alert male lion with a full mane staring balefully at the camera out of the darkness as if to say - I am watching you - © Nikos
  • ID 4152369
Blue painted spiral external staircase on a Greek house looking up into a bright sunburst with sun flare on a hot summer day - © Nikos
  • ID 4147369
Bunches of green grapes hanging from a trellised grapevine in a vineyard - © Nikos
  • ID 4151748
The Caryatids. Statues of young women. Classic architecture of ancient Greece - © Nikos
  • ID 4151789
Overhead view of a cheese platter with cashew nuts and wedges of assorted hard cheeses, blue cheese and semi-soft cream cheese with sesame bread sticks and cherry tomatoes served as an appetizer - © Nikos
  • ID 4151799
Chilled tropical rum and orange cocktail with ice garnished with a slice of fresh melon and a maraschino cherry for a delicious refreshing appetizer over a black background - © Nikos
  • ID 4122379
Beautiful tranquil cloudy sunset over a deserted beach with the fiery orange orb of the sun low in the sky casting a path across the water of the ocean lighting up the indented footpriints on the sand - © Nikos
  • ID 4122389
Deserted tropical sandy beach with a beachfront resort and gentle waves lapping at the seashore at sunrise with a diffuse glow on the horizon - © Nikos
  • ID 4151749
Detail of the columns of the Parthenon, against blue summer sky with wispy clouds, Athens, Greece - © Nikos
  • ID 4151788
Beautiful colourful arrangement of assorted fresh sliced tropical fruits served on a platter for a healthy dessert - © Nikos
  • ID 4151779
Grilled sirloin steak with roasted potatoes, spinach, baked tomato mushroom cream sauce or herb butter - © Nikos
  • ID 4132799
Horned owl perched on a branch in an olive tree looking intently at the camera with round yellow eyes, closeup view showing plumage detail - © Nikos
  • ID 4122388
Idyllic tropical island viewed from offshore across a calm blue ocean during a sightseeing tour on a summer vacation - © Nikos
  • ID 4151778
Overhead view of a serving of medium-rare grilled lamb cutlets in a sauce garnished with fresh rosemary and vegetables on a plate - © Nikos
  • ID 4147138
Loungers and beach umbrellas on a sandy beach with a wooden walkway at a tropical resort in an idyllic summer holiday setting - © Nikos
  • ID 4147149
Lyon and the River Saone, France with a view along the riverbanks showing the historical architecture of this French city - © Nikos
  • ID 4132788
Mountainous forest landscape during the winter covered in snow - © Nikos
  • ID 4132789
Mountains covered by thick forest and snow in the winter - © Nikos
  • ID 4147139
Natural rock bridges over crystal clear blue water on an offshore reef in a tranquil ocean at sunset with a delicate pink tinting the clouds - © Nikos
  • ID 4122718
View looking back across the blue ocean from a departing boat of a remote rocky volcanic tropical island on a hot summer day - © Nikos
  • ID 4122719
View looking back across the blue ocean from a departing boat of a remote rocky volcanic tropical island on a hot summer day - © Nikos
  • ID 4151739
Row of parked bicycles in a parking area left by commuters who have cycled to work, closeup view down the line - © Nikos
  • ID 4132798
Sandy beach with white surf formed as the incoming waves break over the shallow rocks in a marine bay - © Nikos
  • ID 4122729
Scenic view of an archipelago of tropical islands stretching into the distance in a calm blue ocean depicting an idyllic destination for a summer vacation - © Nikos
  • ID 4151738
A view along an avenue of deciduous trees in winter, with the trees and path dusted in fresh snow - © Nikos
  • ID 4122378
Delicate pastel sunrise over a deserted sandy beach looking across the wet sand pitted with footprints to a distant cluster of houses on the coast with gentle waves lapping the seashore - © Nikos
  • ID 4122728
Moody atmospheric image of heavy cloud cover and a thunderstorm with lightning over the ocean - © Nikos
  • ID 4151798
Closeup of a glass of iced tropical orange and rum cocktail garnished with a slice of fresh orange over a black background - © Nikos
  • ID 4147148
View from the rocky summit of a mountain of the valley and coastline far below under a cloudy blue sky - © Nikos
  • ID 4122708
Scenic landscape view of the ocean and waves along a rocky coastline under a sunny blue summer sky with fluffy white clouds - © Nikos
  • ID 4122709
Close-up of powerful waves crashing onto a rocky coastline in a cloud of white spray in summer sunshine for a dramatic beautiful marine background - © Nikos
  • ID 4122707
Background pattern and texture of sparkling sunlit water with a random pattern of reflection in a cool inviting azure blue conceptual of a tropical summer vacation - © Nikos
  • ID 4122717
View behind the stern of a boat of the wake rippling over a calm sea when cruising off a tropical island with steep rocky cliffs towering out of the sea - © Nikos
  • ID 4151787
Dark chocolate mousse with strawberries, dessert in a glass - © Nikos
  • ID 4132787
Closeup side view detail of the head of a wild falcon with its wings raised keeping an alert eye on the camera - © Nikos
  • ID 4122397
Dramatic coastal sunset or sunrise with a view across a sandy bay to an orange glow on the horizon under a spectacular cloudscape - © Nikos
  • ID 4151737
Elegant tall empty transparent stemmed glass silhouetted by light reflections on a black background - © Nikos
  • ID 4152372
Flock of pink or scarlet flamingos foraging in a brackish lake wading together as a group as they use their bills to siphon water - © Nikos
  • ID 4122706
Set of sequential images showing how to make a cup of cappuccino coffee using an electric coffee machine from the coffee grinds to the delicious frothy hot cup garnished with cinnamon or cacao - © Nikos
  • ID 4151746
Lion cub asking - Dad do you love me - as it nuzzles the chin of a handsome male lion with a full mane standing in profile against greenery - © Nikos
  • ID 4151776
Mixed Greek Mezze for Ouzo, includes Meat balls, Graviera, olives, aubergine salad, sardines & tzaziki Served with Pita Bread - © Nikos
  • ID 4151777
Mixed Greek Mezze for Ouzo, includes Meat balls, Graviera, olives, aubergine salad, sardines & tzaziki Served with Pita Bread - © Nikos
  • ID 4147146
Mountain road winding past rugged rocky cliffs forming a mountain summit against a hot sunny blue sky - © Nikos
  • ID 4152377
Natural rock arch over a tidal pool at the seaside with beautiful crystal clear water showing the underwater ecosystem with colourful seaweed and aquatic life - © Nikos
  • ID 4152376
Portrait of the head of a Humbolt penguin, a species of flightless sea bird originating from South America, looking at the camera - © Nikos
  • ID 4151786
Ravani cake in herb syrup with vanilla ice cream - © Nikos
  • ID 4147137
Receding row of comfortable reclining beach chairs under umbrellas on a sandy tropical beach on a hot summer day at an upmarket resort for a perfect summer vacation - © Nikos
  • ID 4122716
Sailing a yacht mid-ocean in the hot summer sun with a low angle view looking up the mast at the sails and rigging with a bright sunburst - © Nikos
  • ID 4132786
Picturesque view of the whitewashed architecture of Santorini clinging to the cliffs of the caldera overlookinjg the lagoon on a hot sunny summer day in harsh light - © Nikos
  • ID 4132796
Stony shoreline littered with pebbles bordering a sheltered bay with boats moored in a harbour behind a stone pier on the horizon - © Nikos
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