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Take a look to the unique and original stock images created and offered by contributor Nadezhda Kostina

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  • ID 3720780
Wood frames on rope. Vector set of old vintage wooden information sign boards hanging with rope - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499914
Colorful Summer bouquet of wildflowers on a white background - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3500067
Funny crows singing a song - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499976
Seamless spring sakura (cherry blossom) pattern tile - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 6554556
Spring top view wooden background with a cup of tea, blank piece of paper and pussy willow branches - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 5566640
Wooden Background. Vector abstract texture in blue colors - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4335121
Set of vintage vector frame border divider corner. Retro elements collection. Ornate page decor elements for calligraphy design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3788517
Swallows mail vintage postcard. Free flying birds (swallows) with decorative banner, text Mail on a blue sky nature background with white clouds, subtle grunge texture, blurs - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 7056739
New Year banner. Realistic Golden numbers 2021. Artificial Christmas tree, gifts and decorations. 3D vector illustration - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4249679
Abstract seamless white crumpled paper texture for wallpaper background design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4700978
Set of vintage vector frame border divider corner. Retro elements collection. Ornate page decor elements for calligraphy design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4169336
Set of vintage vector frame, border, divider, corner. Retro elements collection. Ornate page decor elements for calligraphy design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3597739
Vintage sailboat border drawing on old paper. Travel print background picture with artistic hand drawn ship, sails, antique frame and text Voyage in grunge retro style. Vector illustration - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3668475
Vintage sky old paper retro style background with white clouds, subtle grunge texture of surface of the paper at the backdrop in blue & yellow colors like watercolor stretching on a clear summer day - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4356257
Vector abstract watercolor background with subtle grunge texture as cloudy blue sky - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 6344046
Abstract corner pattern. Set of vintage vector calligraphic linear corners for retro frames - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 5229238
Oak autumn branch with leaves and acorns on white background. Vector illustration - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3569207
Floral vector cherry blossom flowers spring design. Pink flowers, freshly fallen petals and text `Spring` on a beige background in modern style. Can be used as wedding, greeting or invitation card - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3567974
Floral vector decorative wedding menu or invitation template design with beautiful realistic bouquet of pink flowers abstract decorative wallpaper pattern on grunge textured background in vintage style - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3557827
Realistic floral vector spring design with elegant pink blooming flowers, ragged edge of the stained Old paper sheet with decorative elements and classic calligraphic text on vintage, grunge wallpaper background in retro style - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499779
Vintage wallpaper background with retro seamless pattern on the crumpled textured faded paper and the banner with shadow in shades of beige and gray - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3916388
Floral aquatic card with water lily (lotus) and dragonfly drawing on textured old paper background in vintage style. Perfect for wedding, greeting or invitation design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 7057946
New Year banner. Realistic Golden numbers 2021. Artificial Christmas tree, a cup of coffee wrapped in a knitted scarf and decorations - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3787997
Abstract Vector Wedding Fabric Silk Background with seamless antique lace textile pattern, wave drapery, in shades of pastel colors. Can be used for wedding, greeting, invitation backdrop design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4520098
Vector abstract winter night background with moon, stars, night time sky, snowflakes, lights, text, bokeh effects, grunge elements - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499799
Autumn background with leaves on a wood texture - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3565756
Autumn season rainy weather artistic design. Tree branch, yellow leaves, transparent water drops on foggy gray blur natural wallpaper background. Beautiful wet autumn fall realistic vector landscape - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 5291629
Autumn vector Thanksgiving Card with harvest, pumpkins, fallen leaves, tree branches, dragonfly - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499979
Decorative floral background with lilac iris - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499789
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year light blue bokeh background with Christmas tree branches, snowflakes and transparent ribbon - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3495419
Christmas origami snowflake and banner with Best Christmas Wishes! greeting text on blue vector background with polka dot pattern. EPS 10 illustration - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3500005
Christmas scene with northern castle in the mountains. - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499989
Set of separate design elements with pink silky roses. Corner, central and horizontal design elements - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4155908
Vector floral greeting card with pink cherry blossom flowers, leaves and banner on holiday spring background. Perfect for wedding, birthday or invitation design - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4122399
Vector colorful floral wreath with pansy flowers, green leaves with two red hearts on white background. Artistic wedding or valentine composition - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4347608
Green leaves on a wood texture. Vector season background with tree branches, sunlight coming through the leaves, drop shadow on a wall, wooden textured fence - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3500059
Love music? We invite you to a Halloween concert.  The pumpkin-headed scarecrow plays bagpipe, and the mouse and crows are singing - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4367709
Landscape with lake, boat, reeds silhouette in the water - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3543096
Set of retro floral vintage grunge frames and labels with torn edges. Scrapbook elements - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4270125
Vector season background with tree branches, green leaves, decorative white plaster wall backdrop with subtle delicate grunge texture of surface - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3499958
Vintage decorative retro frame - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 3500079
Wall panels with wood detailed texture. EPS 10 file. Image contain transparency and blending modes - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4568959
Vector artistic painting, winter watercolor landscape with birds, snow, river, frozen trees - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4476648
Abstract vector blue sky sticker with sunlight rays breaking through the clouds - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4584476
Abstract vector blue and green watercolor water background - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4499529
Vector abstract night background with snowdrifts, night sky, moon on the dark blue backdrop. Falling snow winter season landscape - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 5928089
Vector autumn day natural background with cup, flowers, fall leaves, textured wooden floor against blue sky - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 5137698
Watercolor vector autumn fall leaves, artistic abstract background - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 6974047
Banner for March 8. Women`s Day Greeting card - © Nadezhda Kostina
  • ID 4125696
Blank vintage signboard on marble wall with green leaves arrangement, white transparent curtains. Romantic vector background in retro style - © Nadezhda Kostina
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