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Take a look to the unique and original stock images created and offered by contributor Jeff Hobrath
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  • ID 5185993
Set of the most popular and modern military aircraft silhouettes. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6367534
Set of Naval style military rank insignia in sharp detail and full color. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5195247
Sharp crisp clean military sword, cutlass and saber set in color, simple clean illustration, available in vector format. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185888
Patriotic American bald eagle, wings spread looking to one side, holding stars and stripes shield, sharp illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185857
Awesome winged skulls in a butterfly style shape vector illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6562484
Kneeling angel soldier looking down holding rifle, solemn feeling, patriotic, vector silhouette in plain black and isolated. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6548654
Nice and simple round rope vector in black outline, black fill, beige and gold color variations. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5427758
Simple and clean, naval warship vector illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6269728
Five piece musical percussion drum kit instrument vector illustration - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6576616
Patriotic Don`t Tread On Me flag vector graphic illustration both waving with beautiful soft shadows and a crisp flat version. Vector format is separated into red, black, yellow and white for easy editing and printing. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5427759
Simple and clean, military drone vector illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6582066
A random group of military style hats in khaki, white, olive, blue and camouflage, vector illustration, with no ranks and insignias allowing for easy custom editing - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185834
Sharp clean illustration of arm flexing with large muscles, both as a black line drawing and flesh color version. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6513729
Old tall sailing ship vector graphic line drawing illustration, clean lines, isolated, a simple yet sophisticated design - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185875
The mighty P-51 Mustang WWII aircraft with very cool paint scheme, aggressive attitude, silver and black, flying high! Hand-drawn and Illustrated by Jeff Hobrath. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6713768
Funny Biker Santa popping a wheelie on a classic American style chopper motorcycle, big smile, lots of chrome, ape hangar handle bars, and big grin. Awesome detailed full color vector cartoon illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6528988
Big rig semi-truck tractor trailer cartoon vector illustration, black with lots of chrome, big smoke stacks and big tires - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5425519
Sharp clean illustration of man lifting heavy weights, bent barbell, large muscles, both as a black line drawing and flesh color version. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185999
Real nice set of 88 clean icons, soft color hues, great for mobile, web, presentation or application design. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6669108
Very sharp clean illustration of deer antlers, in both color and black line art for easy editing - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6383859
Sharp vector bat logo with wings spread and aggressive eyes with red trim - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6787149
Sharp beautiful geometric flower design, bold colors, perfectly symmetrical for use as a background, pattern or other graphic element, vector illustration, isolated for easy editing - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6542348
Large bird of prey with wings spread and sharp talons - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185968
Hot American vintage hot rod car cartoon. Black, lots of chrome, aggressive stance, low profile, big tires and rims. Very sharp, clean lines, a crisp illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185979
Hot American modern muscle car cartoon illustration. Mean, low and bold blue, aggressive stance, big tires and rims. Very sharp, clean lines, a crisp illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6439428
Two very cool happy sun cartoons. wearing sunglasses, big smiling mouth, large bright white teeth, full color vector illustrations - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6378759
Sharp looking small private corporate business jet aircraft vector illustration - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6588358
Beautiful cancer awareness ribbons collage featuring all the various cancer ribbons and colors combined in the shape of one big ribbon, vector illustration - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6500099
Chrome Diamond plate metal vector graphic background pattern, realistic, with subtle and contrasting shiny reflection tones - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6589789
Hot American 1950’s style muscle car cartoon. Glossy black and white paint, huge chrome engine with blower, flaming exhaust pipes, big smoking wheels and tires, popping a wheelie. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185988
Hot American muscle car cartoon. Blue with white stripes, lots of chrome, aggressive stance, low profile, big tires and rims. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6750048
Awesome old school fifties style station wagon, popping a wheelie, huge chrome engine, three carburetors, flames pouring from the exhaust pipes, classic muscle car cartoon vector illustration perfect for every car enthusiast - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6753598
Awesome old school 1957 style hotrod, low and mean, lots of chrome, candy apple red paint, American muscle car cartoon vector illustration - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6693469
Awesome classic 1970s classic muscle car dragster vector cartoon illustration, flaming exhaust, smoking tires, bold blue with white stripes, popping a wheelie, the perfect illustration for every car guy and gal - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6593549
Hot American 1970’s style muscle car cartoon. Bright green with, aggressive stance, big tires, classic rims, chrome, shaker hood scoop. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185828
American vintage hot rod hiboy roadster car cartoon. Red, cool stance, low profile, big tires on vintage rims. Very sharp, clean lines, a crisp illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6701259
Computer Software Package Installation Vector Illustration, simple but sharp graphic, soft tones, great for presentations, instructions, etc - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185838
Cute Cartoon Dog, Sitting Looking Upward, Side View - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6497089
Sweet heart, cupid heart with arrow, Valentines Day or tattoo style heart with banner, and a rainbow style heart vector graphic - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185978
Friendly pet shop style cartoon logo great for pet shops, stores, animal events, etc. Featuring a cute dog, cat and bird surrounding a bone, ready for your text! - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185859
Proud bald eagle, wings spread looking to one side, holding banner in its talons, sharp illustration. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6440748
Sharp looking heavy metal rock guitar, classic style bass guitar and acoustic guitar vector illustrations in full color - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6701249
Vector illustrations of fiber optic, coaxial and twisted pair cabling and wires, very sharp, simple and clean graphic - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6504379
Funny football player cartoon vector illustration, with a goofy expression and a big gut running full speed ahead holding football in left hand with right arm straight out, in black line drawing and color sample version. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6769638
Car gasoline fuel dashboard gauge indicator, cool glass reflection adds a nice touch, sharp design, vector illustration isolated for easy editing - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6582818
Human hand peace sign gesture, crisp vector illustration with soft smooth tones, in both black line art and full color for easy editing - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 5185836
Happy cartoon character jumping up for joy, arms spread wide, and a big smile. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6407948
Very cool muscle car hot rod race engine vector cartoon graphic illustration in bold colors and lots of chrome. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6299489
Cute and simple clean isometric vehicle vector pack with soft color gradients, cartoon toy like design. - © Jeff Hobrath
  • ID 6247518
Sharp vector graphic of wings, with a center area for your logo and custom text - © Jeff Hobrath
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